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We need only listen to the evening news to know there is concern regarding the future of healthcare. Medical costs continue to rise at an alarming rate as well as premiums for most plans. Current forecasts suggest that healthcare premiums will rise 12% to 20% annually.

For most of us, we expect our healthcare plans to cover our office visits and procedures. For some of us, those days may soon be over. Whether sooner or later, one thing is certain; unless we take charge of our own health, the costs associated with treating disease are going to go up and in the end, it will cost all of us more.

In other countries where they support prevention, death rates are significantly lower. In the United States, most of us subscribe to the "Wait and See" model of healthcare and it does not work. We wait for symptoms to occur and then address the disease.

We have more opportunities today than ever before to defeat disease and early deaths than most people realize. Getting our consumers to understand what they are is our challenge.

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